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LOT 37 - Art for a Cause - Windsor Preparatory School

Art from the high school students at Windsor Preparatory Academy
Mixed Media on canvas (24 in x 30 in)

Windsor Preparatory School 
Hands for Hunger, 2015
Mixed Media on canvas (24 in x 30 in)

This mixed media piece depicts hands that represent people helping, giving and supporting the community. The hands and the lower part of the background are painted in warm colors that represent the frustration of the hungry people and the need for sustenance. The cool colors represent the calmness that transcends the frustration and acts as a balm for those whose hunger is fulfilled. The bowl is painted in purple represent a common ground, we all share: the need to be filled by life-giving food. The words in the bowl speak life, in the same way, the bowl representing food, can sustain life.