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Sea Cells by Carla Morrison

Lot Number : #420

36" x 30" framed Art by Carla Morrison

My art extends my experiences in science and mathematics. In particular microscopy and geometry. I am fascinated by a world we can not see with our naked eye and the geometric patterns formed in nature.

I use acrylics and alcohol inks, while using color to convey a mood and moment in this imaginary world. My art takes liberty with real studied structures and presents them in imaginary unseen worlds. I also believe that color is a restorative and emotive medium in which viewers can observe and feel connected to my work.

Educated in Canada, BSc, BEd, major in Biological Sciences and minor in Art and living in the Bahamas for over a decade, gives me many opportunities to observe the world around me, and with my microscope and and the assistance of research,

I hope my work entices the viewer “to see what can not be seen” in a new way that is pleasing to the eye. This work is called Sea Cells. Enjoy!