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3 Day Retreat at Kamalame Cay in your own Beach Bungalow

Lot Number : #500

Embark on a delightful 3-day retreat at Kamalame Cay, staying in a charming Beach Bungalow. This secluded island sanctuary offers a range of memorable experiences. During your stay, enjoy a soothing beachside massage for two, melting away stress to the tranquil sounds of the ocean. Experience the romantic ambiance of a private beachfront dinner under the starry Bahamian sky, relishing a gourmet meal. Your package also includes two lunches and grants you access to the island's exceptional cuisine in a relaxed setting. Please note that specific blackout dates apply, and this experience is available on upcoming open dates, providing flexibility for your travel plans. For added convenience, consider the optional seaplane upgrade, ensuring a seamless and scenic round-trip journey to and from Kamalame Cay, enhancing your island experience.

** Transport to and from the resort via sea-plane can be included for an additional $2,500.00